Is Live Streaming the Communication Tool You’re Missing?


Wikipedia Entry: Video Production

Live Streaming

Live streaming is another method of delivery for video productions. Specifically, live streaming is the process of sharing video “over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time.”[1] This allows for information and important messaging to be shared with a large and global audience, in an engaging and compelling manner, in real time. Many companies provide live streaming services and host the user’s video. It has become a popular feature on social media platforms and websites like Facebook, Snapchat,, and Instagram.

In the eyes of businesses, live stream video is just as important as pre-recorded video. Please note, a live stream can be a pre-produced, but it is played back as if it were live. A live stream can also be a broadcast of a live show such as a keynote presentation, a person playing a video game, or a performance.

Video production is critical for a successful live streaming. At a minimum, the use of a single video source is required – this source could be as simple as a web cam or a screen share. Large scale live stream productions call for more gear and offer professional results with high production value – similar to broadcast news.

Live streaming has significant benefits, specifically to corporations. A single event has the potential to reach thousands of employees resulting in reduced travel costs. According to a 2016 Brandlive survey, “44% of the companies it polled produced one or more live streaming videos in the past year, and 20% are planning to incorporate live streaming in the next 12 months.”[2]

Live streaming is the next frontier for video production. The spike in popularity and recent trends are promising for the future of live streaming. [4] The popularity can be seen with the influx of new live streaming apps and sites popping up regularly (, YouNow). This surge of popularity will become a challenge for traditional media as the viewer is provided with more and more entertainment options. This will continue to “flatten the hierarchies of entertainment” for those viewers. [3]


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